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Plastering is the basis for any interior wall finish. The role of the plaster is to protect the walls from the weather on the outside and create a pleasant and healthy climate on the inside. Its correct application preserves its durability over time.


A3 coatings have revolutionized the industry, completely replacing lime stone, offering more reliable and resilient results at cheaper rates.


The thermal facade is a method that protects buildings from adverse weather conditions, protecting the durability of external walls from high and low temperatures. In particular, external thermal insulation protects the walls from cold, heat, humidity and mold.


Painting is one of the most basic and effective ways to highlight a building as well as maintain it. We undertake all types of painting work, whether interior or exterior.


With 35 years of experience in the construction industry, we are well equipped to undertake all types of building repair work. We also work with a variety of craftsmen so that we are able to offer complete packages to our customers.


Waterproofing is the most basic solution for protecting a building as well as saving energy. With a simple roof insulation we achieve lower temperatures in the summer and higher temperatures in the winter, resulting in energy saving and reducting the rate of deterioration of the building.


Corner beads are the ideal solution for strengthening and aligning the edges of masonry. They are installed at the initial stage of plastering and ensure the strength and durability of the edges of the masonry.


Stucco plastering the walls guarantees a smooth surface so that the painting can be done correctly.

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We offer construction services based in Kalamata since 1987, with absolute professionalism, based on reliable techniques. Our primary goal is the best possible outcome for our clients.